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What is it?

LED brightness is measured in Lumens (Lm) with the higher number of lumens indicating a brighter bulb. LEDs are able to emit the same brightness as halogen or old style light bulbs while using very low wattages (power). Most LEDs come with a guidance as to the equivalent wattage for an incandescent bulb so that you can replace your lights on a like for like basis.

What should I look for?

Lumens measures brightness and so it is worth looking for the right bulb that gives out enough lumens to light the area which you are replacing your bulb for. We suggest that replacing a 40W halogen bulb with an LED giving out 450 lm and a 60W halogen bulb with an LED giving out 800 lm.

It is worth remembering that Lumens and Lux are different and the difference is explained in the Lux section of LED Info.