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Lumens (Brightness)

What is it? LED brightness is measured in Lumens (Lm) with the higher number of lumens indicating a brighter bulb. LEDs are able to emit the same brightness as halogen or old style light bulbs while using very low wattages (power). Most LEDs come with a guidance as to the...

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Colour Rendering Index (CRI)

What is it? CRI, is short for 'colour rendering index', and is measured on a scale from 0 to 100. The CRI Scale represents how good the LED is at showing true surface colour when compared to daylight or an old tungsten filament bulb. It is also a measure of...

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LED watt vs old style watt

What is it? LEDs are 90% more efficient than Halogen light bulbs and hence don't use as much power or energy than traditional light bulbs. This means that the days of buying a 50W or 100W bulb are gone and the new normal is 3.5W or 5W LEDs. Higher powered LEDs (measured...

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