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Smart Hubs and Home automation Controllers


If you are looking to expand your smart home setup beyond just a few connected light bulbs then you need a smart hub to coordinate all your devices and hopefully prevent the need to move between an app to control your lights and then an app to control your heating etc.


There are currently a variety of specialist home hubs that are compatible with some devices, mostly those that work using Zigbee as their protocol. There are also a lot of hubs from specific brands that only work with their products and their apps. For example, Osram Smart+ bulbs, apart from the Apple HomeKit compatible ones, need their own dedicated hub which needs to be plugged into a router. While the technology is growing and as with every new technology sector, there will come a point where a universal protocol will be chosen and there will be no need for individual product hubs.


In addition to specialist Smart Hubs, Amazon, Apple and Google have their voice assistants embedded in a device that they want you to interact with through asking questions and saying commands. It follows that having one of these controllers as a centre piece of your smart home may in time lead to all new devices being controlled by them.