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Posts tagged: Homeautomation

Getting Started

Smart home technology continues to grow and evolve at an exponential rate and finally the dream of a fully automated home is becoming a reality. We are not quite able to instantly prepare a meal like in Star Trek but we are able to schedule our oven or microwave to...

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Getting Started - Smart Home Compatibility

The key to a well set up smart home is the integration between devices and the technology that you have purchased. Being able to control multiple devices without having to switch apps on your phone or download various speciality software is what makes this so appealing. Integration between technology adds...

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Getting Started - Controllers

Smart Hubs and Home automation Controllers   If you are looking to expand your smart home setup beyond just a few connected light bulbs then you need a smart hub to coordinate all your devices and hopefully prevent the need to move between an app to control your lights and...

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Introduction to Home Security

One of the most important things to consider when thinking about building your Smart Home is the security and safety of your family and the home you live in. Recent advances in home automation have resulted in amazing developments including Smart Cameras (which are starting to take over from traditional...

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