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What is it?

IFTTT is software that allows you to connect Smart Home devices and trigger an action following another action. For example, if someone presses your Ring Video Doorbell when you are away on holiday, you can program If This Then That to trigger your Philips Hue lights to come on and make it look like you are at home. 

If This Then That is an open platform that any programmers can use to make new triggers and events. Brands like Philips and Nest were among the first to allow their products to be controlled through IFTTT and slowly more have been added.

How does this help my Smart Home?

If This Then That is incredibly useful for linking devices that usually wouldn't talk to one another and where they usually do daily repeatable tasks. You can use the clock timer built in to IFTTT to trigger event between two devices so, for example, if the time is after 10pm and the Ring Camera detects movement, the Osram Lightify lights come on in the kitchen. 

IFTTT is especially useful in allowing Smart Home voice assistants to control compatible devices around the home. For example, you can set up through IFTTT for Amazon's Alexa to be the central controller and the trigger events to go through it.