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What is it?

A Voice activated speaker which comes in different sizes like the Echo Dot, Echo Plus or Echo. It is now also available as a small screen and speaker called the Amazon Echo Show.

What does it do?

You can just say “Alexa” and your Echo device will start listening, even across a noisy room or when it is playing music. Alexa will then find the answer to your question or request by accessing Amazon’s servers and then say the answer. The Amazon platform comes with thousands of Skills, which can help you order a takeaway, call an Uber and lots more. It even works in conjunction with IFTTT to enable you to link it with your other Smart Home devices.

What sort of devices can you control with Amazon Echo?

There are lots of Smart Home products available which work with Alexa. Philips Hue light bulbs, Tado Smart Thermostats and all the Nanoleaf’s products. All our products will show in the description as to whether they work with Amazon Alexa.