Osram Smart+

 Smart+ Urban lifestyle

Osram Smart+ makes a wide range of Smart LED lights for the Smart light bulbs market and offer a mix of colours and effects that you can control remotely. Osram Smart+ lights integrate with Amazon Alexa, Google Home and Apple Homekit so you can use your voice to change the lights and control them via IFTTT or through your home controller.

The Osram Smart+ range includes replacement retrofit bulbs including everything from plain white bulbs to multicolored light strips (flex) and other bulbs that fit smaller sockets. The Apple Homekit bulbs don't need a home controller and you can use an Echo plus to control the standard bulbs. There is also a fantastic range of garden lights and strips that can be controlled through your smartphone and set on timers for extra security.

Smart+ offers many of the same features as Philips Hue, including the ability to pick any of 16 million colours, choose the temperature of white light (even using the coloured bulb), and remotely control each bulb from the app.

There is a colour picker which enables you to select any colour within a picture via the app so you can replicate it within the room your bulbs are in. Take a picture of a sunset, for example, or you could match your lights to your wallpaper for a dinner party. It's up to you. You can also set your creations as a scene and then put them on a schedule - so you could set your lights to turn on with a sunset theme every morning at 6am.

Scenes can be saved so you can find them easily when want to use them again, and there are a few predefined scenes too: relax, active, and plant mode. As you would expect, relax mode turns the lights into colours that are said to help the body relax, while active is meant to keep you more alert, and plant mode is to help create the right conditions for houseplants.


Illuminate the darkness of the outdoors: with our smart LED outdoor lights, you can create custom lighting scenarios with your favourite colour schemes. You can store programmes and dim the lights smoothly with the app. Wherever you are. You can even control your lights while you are on holiday as a means of deterring potential burglars. And if you are at home, simply press the light switch to activate your chosen mode: simply configure your preferred colour and brightness beforehand.

Light Switch

Smart without a smartphone: with the Smart + Switch, you can control all components straight from your Smart + System. Small and handy, your light switch now fits into your trouser pocket. Freely programmable, it adds a new dimension of flexibility to your smart home system. Up to eight features are available, all of which can be programmed individually. It has never been more practical to control smart products, even without a smartphone or Internet.





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