Traditional LED bulbs

LEDs are the future way to light our home, as each bulb lasts a long time and they use very little energy compared to traditional incandescent bulbs. They are many advantages and some disadvantages, all of which we will go through here.

Traditional LED bulbs come with all the fittings required to retrofit replace your existing Halogen or incandescent bulbs. Whether you are replacing a Screw fit 100W bulb for your lamp or a golf ball with a small edison screw, you can take one bulb out and replace it with the LED very easily. 

We have selected traditional bulbs from Philips as the most trusted brand. Their LED bulbs are excellent quality and they produce a wide range to accommodate most requirements. Their retro style bulbs bulbs are particularly good and would look special where you have a light which shows off the actual bulb adding a sense of grandeur to your light fitting.