We have specifically sourced the best LEDs on the market from the most trusted brands like Philips, Osram and GE. We have selected the bulbs that will be the most useful to replace those in the home, particularly given the ban of halogen bulbs in 2018. We have also focussed on the most cutting edge bulbs that are developing lighting possibilities, bulbs that are dimmable, that independently offer the full range of cool white to warm white, or, for extra fun, even colour.

Put simply, LEDs are the most cost efficient way to light your home, but they offer so much more than that. The bulbs have impressive lifespans and combine cutting edge technology with contemporary style - from spotlights to vintage style filament bulbs to lighting strips, you can replace your existing bulbs with more energy efficient equivalents, or transform your home with new and exciting lighting options. For practical areas of the home, choose the bright cool white light bulbs, or create a cosier feel with the warm white options.

The number of features and flexibility mean that LEDs are a great option throughout the home.