Smart heating is one of the most exciting developments for the home, allowing us to have the control and flexibility to heat our homes exactly how and when we want, thus providing significant energy and cost savings. Using easy to install wireless thermostats and control panels fitted to existing heating systems, we can control our heating through smartphones. Running late from work, then delay the heating coming on remotely via the app. A cold morning and you don't want to get out of bed to turn on the heating, just reach for your phone and turn up the radiator in just your room.

Smart thermostats monitor and learn how a home heating system is being used by its occupants to create further efficiencies, and can also react to changes in local temperature and weather. Using zoned smart heating equipment such as thermostatic radiator valves, the system is able to recognise the different areas and rooms of a home that cool down/heat up more quickly, and create an individual and efficient climate for every room.

We have selected companies including Nest and Tado that offer the most tested systems but who are also looking to develop smart heating and explore the new developments that will provide even greater efficiencies.