Osram LED Bulb Osram Parathom Par16 2.6W
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A great spotlight for the home, ideal for the living room, hallway, bedroom and areas where a warm light is needed.  With a average lifetime of 15 000 hours, these bulbs can also be used as downlighters to mark doorways or illuminate features, artwork etc.  A really flexible bulb for all areas of the home.

Please click here for the technical information for the Osram Parathom Par 16 lamps.

- Osram are differentiating themselves by making high quality bulbs

- This is a seriously low energy LED. It produces enough light to make it a genuine replacement for a Halogen GU10 but at 5% of the energy consumption. 

- If you have a light that you like to leave on, then this bulb would be perfect given its power consumption.

- It produces 230 Lumens, which is a relatively low light output but if this bulb is placed close to what it is going to light then it will be more than enough. If you want to learn more about how Lumen output from LEDs affects bulb placement etc. then check out our guide here